The Elixir of Dharana Life

3/ 5 Nights

Your hectic city life affects you in many ways.

The pulls and pressures of your work pummel your health constantly.

The pollution, the grime, the dust, and the noise, conspire to erode it.

You need the time to unwind and renew your energies, stay on top of your work, family, and life.

You need professionals to guide you on nutrition, detox, Ayurveda, yoga. You need fitness consultants who understand your needs, and who will happily tailor a programme fitted to your personal needs.

Embark on a new journey of discovery to reconnect with yourself and create mindfulness in everything you do. Our wellness experts will customize this program to help you through goals of detox, lifestyle change, diet shifts, and treks to challenge your physique or yogic learnings.

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