The Dharana Way Of Life

Natural Therapies & Medical Innovations

"There is an inherent need for a racing mind to feel steadiness and a quiet strength that holds it together for an overall peace of mind. Dharana refers to the 6th stage of Patanjali yoga sutra – a Yogic path, which entails forgetting oneself in the object of his or her meditation. It is a state of feeling relaxed and at ease, which in turn allows for deeper forms of contemplation and meditation. It is the stable sense of sacredness that is achieved when one aligns the inner core to the outer environment. Any form of healing needs to start with the state of Dharana. It is with this grounded focus, that we trigger the longer journey of healing for you."

Dharana at Hilton Shillim lies at the centre of your exploration towards a deeper dimension of self and sense of balance. The Dharana way of life aims to help you achieve long-term internal and external wellbeing through tailor made programmes. The idea is to help you choose lifestyle options that balance the energies and points to calmness and contentedness.

Achieving health and wellness goals require integrative and holistic understanding: at Dharana we approach every day with both an awareness of health and an awareness of ourselves. Sustained well-being is pivotal for dealing with routine and daily challenges.

We consider wellness to be the entirety of these elements; to us, each building block has its own importance in our overall concept of Dharana.

How does the Dharana Way of Life translate for you

  • Uses advanced diagnostics and consultation methods such as Iridology and Oligo scanning
  • Conserves and amplifies your life force through traditional ayurvedic and naturopathic therapies
  • Nourishes your health with wholesome and nutritious food (ayurvedic and Vegan diet plans)
  • Heals your body through the balance of 5 elements bhūmi (earth), jala (water), tejas (fire), vayu (air) and akash (ether)
  • Develops lifelong healthy habits by adopting traditional ayurvedic disciplines
  • Reconnects with your inner self through meditation and create mindfulness in everything you do
  • Promotes health with nature activities and cognitive stimulation in a sustainable environment.


Dharana Way Of Life - Wellness Resort Near Mumbai & Pune, India.