Recharge Your Being

The Dharana - Shillim Lifescience Programme

Take a wellness journey, high up in the Sahyadris. Soak in an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rekindle your life.

Delight in a sanctuary specially created for your Body, Mind & Soul. Celebrate life to its fullest. Allow wellness consultants to respond to and guide you personally.

Take part in life science programmes that integrate the ancient philosophic, spiritual, and artistic wisdom of Ayurveda. Combine all this with contemporary life enhancing practices and therapies. Get complete rest and rejuvenation.

Let your physical and mental faculties work in harmony.

Alter your lifestyle to include traditional wellness regimes combined with best of international wellness experiences.

Let your mind, body, soul become one.

Renew your Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Dharana Way of Life distills the essence of ancient and modern wellness practices into 3 disciplines.

  1. Conserve and amplify your life force using bodywork and other applications
  2. Sustain and build health through wholesome food.
  3. Support the healing of the whole person through yoga, and other forms of meditation, where holistic well-being and healing are integrated.

Our signature wellness therapies are inspired by the eastern healing practices. It holistically addresses spiritual issues as well as physical wellbeing.

The wellness experience strives to achieve the ultimate harmony between the physical and the mental. It redefines your lifestyle to include the traditional wellness regimes combined with best of international wellness experiences.  The result is that your mind, body and soul become one.

We have put together 9 wellness programmes to rekindle your spirit and discover a new YOU.

Available at only the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa. Come explore.

How does the Dharana Way of Life translate for you

  • Uses advanced diagnostics and consultation methods such as Iridology and Oligo scanning
  • Conserves and amplifies your life force through traditional ayurvedic and naturopathic therapies
  • Nourishes your health with wholesome and nutritious food (ayurvedic and Vegan diet plans)
  • Heals your body through the balance of 5 elements bhūmi (earth), jala (water), tejas (fire), vayu (air) and akash (ether)
  • Develops lifelong healthy habits by adopting traditional ayurvedic disciplines
  • Reconnects with your inner self through meditation and create mindfulness in everything you do
  • Promotes health with nature activities and cognitive stimulation in a sustainable environment.



The experts and inspiration are on standby.

At Shillim, you get the opportunity to meet with experts in holistic healing, Ayurveda, nutrition, spirituality, and other wellness disciplines.

DR ARUN PILLAI, Director of Spa & Wellness

Dr. Arun Pillai, Director of Spa & Wellness has more than fifteen years of professional expertise in Health, Spa and Wellness Sciences.

He is experienced in directing and operating world-class spas across South East Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, India, and Caribbean.

He is known to implement traditional holistic knowledge in globally renowned brands such as Hilton, Chivasom, Radisson, Kempinski, Intercontinental, and also at several hospitals.

He uses an integrative approach to correct your lifestyle and prevent disease. He does this with the help of advanced diagnostics and deep assessment.


Chef Shubendu, Executive Chef

Over his career spanning twenty years, Chef Shubhendu has developed an expertise in Wellness Cuisines and Spa Menus.

Chef Shubhendu Kadam’s journey across hospitality and wellness has been with Cebu City Marriott, Phillipines; Carnival Cruise Liners, Miami; AlilaDiwa, Goa, Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, and his last assignment was with a Wellness Retreat around Mumbai.

At Shillim, he implements the science of nutrition with super foods that detoxify and cleanse the body. He disproves the notion that Wellness Cuisine is tasteless and uninteresting.

Chef Shubhendu has a profound understanding of the overall sensory experience that “Farm To Table” cuisine offers for preventing chronic disease, healthy weight loss, and eating for energy.

  • The spa is well designed especially the yoga room

    The Mizo therapist Ms Sara gave The best deep tissue thai treatment ever

    Dr Dinesh guided us on a well-appointed tour of the spa

    Mr Rahul Janve arranged a tour of property as well

    The property is spacious & well-crafted over 300 plus acres

    Stayed February 2014, travelled with friends

    Rajesh M