Art of Detox

5/7/14 Nights

Purify Your Soul.

Toxins are inevitable today in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and water we drink.  Over a period, the toxins that accumulate in the body oxidise and transform into free radicals. This finally translates into various ailments. 

The Shillim Art of Detox is not just conventional detoxification. It teaches you to deal with toxins effectively.

The Art of Detox integrates non-invasive scientific analysis of your toxin levels in the body. It uses a state-of-the-art OligoScan. This reveals your heavy metal toxic status. The results are fortified by traditional Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis to analyse the Aama (free radicals).

Yogic consultation recognizes your mind toxicity. A detailed analysis by our nutritionist evaluates your micro and macro-nutrient absorption for detoxification.

Experience the Dharana Way of Life.

Stay Healthy. Eat Wholesome. Live, immersed in Nature. Engage in stimulating activities that lift your spirit.

Available only at the the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.

  • The experts and the inspiration are on standby.

    Meet with our experts on Ayurveda, nutrition, and spirituality.

    Dr Arun Pillai, Director of Spa & Wellness

    Dr. Arun Pillai brings more than fifteen years of professional expertise in Health, Spa and Wellness Sciences. He is experienced in directing and operating world-class spas across South East Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, India, and the Caribbean for brands such as the Hilton, Chivasom, Radisson, Kempinski, Intercontinental, and also several hospitals.

    He prescribes an integrative holistic approach to correcting lifestyle and preventing disease with the use of advanced diagnostics and exhaustive patient assessment.

    Shubhendu Kadam, Executive Chef

    Over his career spanning twenty years, Shubhendu has developed an expertise in Wellness Cuisines and Spa Menus.

    Shubhendu Kadam’s journey across hospitality and wellness has been with Cebu City Marriott, Philippines; Carnival Cruise Liners, Miami; AlilaDiwa, Goa; Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa; and Atmantan Wellness Centre, Pune. His last assignment was with a Wellness Retreat around Mumbai.

    At Shillim, he implements the science of nutrition with super foods that detoxify and cleanse the body, quashing the notion that Wellness Cuisine is tasteless and uninteresting.

    Shubhendu has a profound understanding of the overall sensory experience that “Farm To Table” cuisine offers for preventing chronic disease, healthy weight loss, and eating for energy.

  • Enjoy what's in store for you

    Feel the lightness in your step.

    The educative itinerary for your stay includes: Therapies such as open Hydrocolon cleansing, Ku Nye Tibetian Ritual, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Chinese Cupping and Moxibustion, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, Hotstone ritual, Yoga Kriyas & detox diet.

    This ensures that you are cleansed at all levels.

    It brings back your digestive and metabolic functions to its optimal performance. It sustains immunity and good health.

  • Your Detox Programme Unveiled

    Your Detox Programme Unveiled.

    • Consult with our expert and acquire detoxification knowledge
    • Get immersed in our personalized Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation sessions
    • Beautify yourself with our purifying facial
    • Purify yourself with our yogic cleansing procedures
    • Heal your inner self with our healing detoxifying wrap
    • Experience our detox aromatherapy massage
    • Feel Udwarthanam involving a special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powder
    • Pick up on our Foot Reflexology therapy.
    • Cleanse yourself with our spa therapies based on the programme selected and length of the stay.

    Try our detox programme and let your body thank you for it.


Make the best of your break at the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat

Your stay at the Shillim Retreat will be incomplete without knowing the Story of Shillim, and the wonderful amenities of Stay, Eat, Get Fit and Learn we have organized for you. Come explore.

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  • What can I stay, everything about Hilton Shillim is outstanding. Restaurants led by chef Kadam are too good, personalized service, lip-smacking food and attention to detail by everybody in the restaurants especially Chef Kadam and Chef Kanwaljeet, the jungle trips led by Pratik were so interesting, his knowledge about the forest and western ghats were outstanding. The spa treatments were outstanding, special mention of Ms. Ruby. The yoga sessions, especially by Dr. Karthikeyan and Pankaj Sharma, were too good. Every staff members were too generous And well behaved.

    Would come here again n again to Destress, fantastic location.