The Elixir of Dharana Life

3/ 5 Nights

Your hectic city life affects you in many ways.

The pulls and pressures of your work pummel your health constantly.

The pollution, the grime, the dust, and the noise, conspire to erode it.

You need the time to unwind and renew your energies, stay on top of your work, family, and life.

You need professionals to guide you on nutrition, detox, Ayurveda, yoga. You need fitness consultants who understand your needs, and who will happily tailor a programme fitted to your personal needs.

Embrace the Dharana Way of Life.


Stay healthy. Eat wholesomely. Live, immersed in Nature. Engage in stimulating wellness and nature activities that lift your spirit.

Available only at the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.

  • Acres of paradise await your well being.

    Steal some time off your hectic schedule.

    Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a refreshing spa experience at the Shillim Retreat. 

    Set out on a 3 or 5 nights wellness journey to help you unwind and connect with your soul. 

    The programme offers a glimpse of everything that the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa has to offer.  

    Take advantage of spa experiences to detox your body. Go on treks that challenge your physique. Benefit from yoga and meditation for your body and mind. Relish healthy cuisine that nurtures you from within.

    Wake up to birdsong. View the awesome Sahyadris from the private deck of your villa. This is priceless.

  • The experts and the inspiration are on standby.

    Meet with our experts on Ayurveda, nutrition, and spirituality.

    Dr Arun Pillai, Director of Spa & Wellness

    Dr. Arun Pillai brings more than fifteen years of professional expertise in Health, Spa and Wellness Sciences. He is experienced in directing and operating world-class spas across South East Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, India, and the Caribbean for brands such as the Hilton, Chivasom, Radisson, Kempinski, Intercontinental, and also several hospitals.

    He prescribes an integrative holistic approach to correcting lifestyle and preventing disease with the use of advanced diagnostics and exhaustive patient assessment.

    Shubhendu Kadam, Executive Chef

    Over his career spanning twenty years, Shubhendu has developed an expertise in Wellness Cuisines and Spa Menus.

    Shubhendu Kadam’s journey across hospitality and wellness has been with Cebu City Marriott, Philippines; Carnival Cruise Liners, Miami; AlilaDiwa, Goa; Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa; and Atmantan Wellness Centre, Pune. His last assignment was with a Wellness Retreat around Mumbai.

    At Shillim, he implements the science of nutrition with super foods that detoxify and cleanse the body, quashing the notion that Wellness Cuisine is tasteless and uninteresting.

    Shubhendu has a profound understanding of the overall sensory experience that “Farm To Table” cuisine offers for preventing chronic disease, healthy weight loss, and eating for energy.

  • Your Wellness Programme Details.

    Your Wellness Programme Details.

    • Benefit from Vanaushadhi Scrub
    • Gain from a Swedish/ Balinese Massage
    • Try the Mukhalepam for facial
    • Take advantage of the personalized Yoga in your room
    • Profit from the personalized Pranayama in your room
    • Benefit from the personalized meditation session in your room
    • Get a Foot Reflexology treatment
    • Avail of Head, Neck, and Back Massage
    • Go for a Jungle Trek
  • 3 Nights Stay in Spa Villa/ Spa Pool Villa

    • All Meal Wellness Diet (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner)
    • 1 Personal Nutritional Consultation
    • 1 Ayurveda / Naturopathy / Yogic Consultation
    • 3 Personalised Yogic/ Meditation/ Pranayama Sessions
    • 1 Personalised Session of Shillim Trek/ Bird Watching/ Pottery
    • 1 Ananda Blessing Massage
    • 1 Cupping Therapy
    • 1 Sahyadri Experience
    • 1 Take-home Advice Kit
  • 5 Nights Stay in Spa Villa/ Spa Pool Villa

    • All Meal Wellness Diet (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner)
    • 1 Personal Nutritional Consultation
    • 1 Ayurveda/ Naturopathy/ Yogic Consultation
    • 1 Iridology Analysis
    • 5 Personalised Yogic / Meditation / Pranayama Sessions
    • 1 Personalised Session of Shillim Trek / Bird Watching / Pottery
    • 1 Ananda Blessing Massage
    • 1 Cupping Therapy
    • 1 Sahyadri Experience
    • 1 Vanoushadhi Scrub
    • 1 Hot Stone Massage
    • 1 Take-home Advice Kit

Make the best of your break at the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat

Your stay at the Shillim Retreat will be incomplete without knowing the Story of Shillim, and the wonderful amenities of Stay, Eat, Get Fit and Learn we have organized for you. Come explore.

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  • It is a place to purely relax, relax & relax. An ever-green location is very pleasant to your eyes.

    A superb spa makes the body very light. A well planned & huge estate with extra-large, clean, loaded with good amenity rooms are mind refreshing. The most important is service for which I can say it’s difficult to count how many times you have been greeted in a day by the staff. A superb place to relax.