Dharana-MINBOS, The De-stress Programme

3/ 5/ 7/ 14 Nights


Take an energy break.

It’s been a grinding journey to success for you. Step back. Take one small step towards wellness.

Wellness is a slow process. It demands your patience and perseverance. Make one giant leap for health.

It’s an antidote to the pace you’re normally used to, or have set for yourself in the city.

The habit of pacing and racing puts your health in a vice. There is no escape. You can inch towards perfection only at a cost. 

The quest for perfection is the cause of your pains. At the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat, we’ll transform that pain into wellness. Let wellness course through your veins.

Stay Healthy. Eat Wholesome. Live, immersed in Nature. Engage in stimulating activities that lift the spirit.

Available only at the the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.


Make the best of your break at the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat

Your stay at the Shillim Retreat will be incomplete without knowing the Story of Shillim, and the wonderful amenities of Stay, Eat, Get Fit and Learn we have organized for you. Come explore.

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  • Amazing experience right since the time we entered. Right from the security who opened the door to the valet who received our car and the front office were very warm in welcoming us. The lunch at Terrazzo was a great experience with brilliant seating at the valley bar with a stunning view of the Sahyadri. our room was upgraded to the king spa villa with a beautiful open balcony & an open shower area. The swimming pool is the most picturesque location in the entire property along with mountain bar serving great pizza and pasta. Dharana spa & meditation center is a must experience. Dinner at "green table" was an out of the box experience. The orange ice tea was the highlight of the evening. Breakfast at Terrazzo was an extravagant affair. Property tour by Janardhan was Mesmerizing. Throughout the stay, tremendous value was added to our experience by the special surprises planned by Tshering at each juncture. Without Tshering, the experience wouldn't have been half as good as it was. Will definitely come here again

    Aman Tekriwal