You're What You Eat. Eat Wholesomely.

Nourish your spirit.

Get an in-house nutritionist who liaisons between you and the kitchens. Take advantage of a custom regimen for your personal dietary.

Our approach to nutrition is rooted in the ancient Indian belief that you are what you eat.

  1. It does not count calories but fosters a more balanced regimen. It encourages you to enjoy your food, relish its creation, and adopt a lifelong discipline and attitude to wholesome nutrition.
  2. Our emphasis is on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products.
  3. We avoid artificial salts, colors, flavors, sugars, and preservatives.
  4. The food is organic, sourced locally, and delivered from the farm to the table, for immediate consumption.
  5. An extensive juice and vegetable extract selection awaits you.

What this means is that you get fresh, flavourful, wholesome food. You get to choose from artfully created regional Indian and the Mediterranean fare. Meat, fish, and vegetables are featured for your pleasure and to accommodate your personal choices.

What’s more, we will happily accommodate your food intolerances (soymilk instead of cowʼs milk and yeast free bread). Menus feature little salt. Sugar is mostly removed. Raw vegetables and fruits, rich in living enzymes, will complement your wellness and being at Shillim.

The restaurants at Shillim are inspired by the 5 elements of Ayurveda.

  • The Green Table

    With a menu that is designed around Western Spa cuisine and Indian influences, the Spa restaurant draws inspiration of the element of “Water” incorporating the benefits of food that are nutritious, healthy and yet flavourful.

    The emphasis is in low-calorie content, organic and seasonal produce.

    Special cooking techniques enhance the essential flavours but retain the natural textures of food.

    The Green Table complements the holistic approach to health. The food and beverages at the Shillim features body type and tasting menus. Its very presentation tell a story. This forms an essential part of The Green Table experience.

  • Check out the Terrazzo for Asian & Mediterranean delights

    Inspired by the element of “Earth”, the Terrazo offers you both indoor and outdoor casual dining choices with breathtaking views of the mountains.

    Your menu here features ingredients that are organic, seasonal, and natural.

    Choose from an eye warming, stomach-knotting variety of Indian regional, Mediterranean, and Asian diets.

    You can also follow the personalized diet prescribed by our nutritionist.

  • Memorable private dining

    You have the choice of creating a memorable and magical dining experience in your villa, or around the property.

    A host of private dining options is available. You can create your own picnic or special occasion dinner menu.

  • Picnic experiences that you'll never forget

    We offer you a variety of picnic and food experiences to make your stay more

    • Remarkable and one-of-its-kind
    • Sundowner at Lake Side with Moet Chandon
    • Sundowner at the Lake Side with Sparkling Wine
    • Shillim High Tea at Lake Side
    • Breakfast at Shillim Peak
  • Make your evening memorable at the Chef's Table

    Imagine a private dining experience.

    Our chef prepares your food on the banks of a beautiful seasonal waterfall overlooking the valley.

    Ideal for groups. Enjoy the specially created menus of barbecues while you soak in the scenic settings.

  • Imbibe. Lounge at the Tea House.

    Sample a selection of refreshing local and international teas amidst scenic surroundings at The Tea Lounge, located next to The Green Table.

    Savour the evening High Tea.

    Marvel at the surroundings after a relaxing wellness treatment.