Connect With Nature 

Promote health with nature activities and cognitive stimulation in a sustainable environment.

  • 508 bird species.
  • 139 mammal species.
  •  179 amphibian species.
  • And over 5000 species of flowering plants.

What’s more, you will be part of a like-minded, nature-loving community that’s committed to wellness, outdoors, conservation, healing in the Sahyadris (a UNSECO World Heritage Site).

Engage all of your senses through our activities. Explore the retreat on a bike or a horse, watching birds or simply trekking through the forest. You’ll also find classes in Pottery & Painting. Visit our organic farm or join excursions to the nearby Maratha forts and Buddhist rock caves.

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Fitness & Activities

Trek, or settle for a refreshing forest walk with the retreat naturalist

Discover 508 species of birds.Plus,5000 species of flowering plants.

Cycle around the fertile valley. Soak in the beauty.

Set off on a stream walk. Let the quiet envelope you.

Explore the Western Ghats on a horse. Experience the thrill.

Engage in pilates. Sculpt your body.

Gaze at the stars. Marvel at the Universe.

Participate in aqua aerobics. Watch your body respond.

Learn pottery and painting. Congitive stimulation.

  • The property is great and very beautifully located far from the city and very quiet deep in the forest and mountains.

    The property is beautifully designed and gives you a very calm experience. I totally enjoyed the stay as I was clearly looking for a quieter place and something which is very relaxed and laid-back. You have all activities here from wines, cycling, forest walk, bird watching, archery to Yoga Nidra. I heartily recommended this hotel for complete relaxation.

    Vivek A