Let yourself be free by indulging in an array of activities from Dharana Wellness. Soothe your soul and energise your being with the help of our Dinacharya (Daily activities). These are designed to rejuvenate your being by involving an element of nature and are sequenced in a way to optimise your experience with Dharana Wellness.

Arrival Ritual

Experience a welcome straight into Nature’s lap,the Dharana life beckons you.

Yoga, Meditation & Pyanayam

Resonate peace throughout your mind and body by learning the correct method of Pranayam, meditate in a cave and learn Yoga from the Masters.

Cooking School

The experts at Dharana teach you to cook fresh produce while maintaining its nutritive value and flavours.

Clay Therapy

Experience the steadfastness of earth by indulging in clay therapy that involves pottery.


Test your endurance and revel in the picturesque views with the different treks around the property.

Cardio Fitness

Build your strength with our cardio fitness regime that is sure to benefit you and improve your quality of life.

Organic Farming

Our experts teach you to grow and maintain to your own organic produce to enjoy wholesome, fresh meals.


Painting has a soothing effect and often helps clear the mind. Paint away your troubles or your imagination on a variety of surfaces.

Flute Sessions

Learn to play melodious notes of the flute and let the notes reverberate a lasting calm within you.

Aqua Aerobics

Test your endurance in the refreshing pool with a combination of water resistance and high intensity workout.

Bicycle Trail

Experience a throwback with cycling and be mesmerized with the views on your bicycle trails.

Shillim Village Tour

Observe the village fructified by our efforts of conservation and giving back to the community. (fact check)