Cooking School

Shillim Cooking School and Farm

At the Shillim Cooking School and Farm, our mission is to inspire to eat fresh and to eat what is in season.

We grow as much as we can ourselves. We support responsible farmers from neighboring farms. We encourage artisans who share our commitment to organically grown produce.

Our vision for the future is to achieve a sustainable farm-to-table ecosystem that protects and conserves the limited natural resources.

The Shillim Cooking School and Farm is located within the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.

It offers a variety of cooking classes for both professionals and food enthusiasts. The atmosphere is interactive and relaxed. The result is inspired cooking with quality produce.

Menus are created based on what’s in season. Students are encouraged to hand pick fresh produce from our organic farm.

Morning and evening classes are available during the week and on weekends. Classes can be personalized for groups or private individuals.

A day at the Shillim Farm Cooking School

A typical day at our school begins with a brief tour of our organic farm. This allows students to hand-pick fresh produce. This is followed by a cooking class with our master chefs.

However we do recommend that you begin with a yoga session. Follow it with a tour of the organic farm. Attend the cooking class. And, then treat yourself to a private consultation and massage.

Consultations can be personalized to suit nutrition, dietary needs, and other life enhancement programs. 

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