The Shillim Institute

The Shillim Institute offers you the opportunity to share and gain knowledge.

The Institute advances the understanding of sustainable development. It explores the relationship between humans and ecology. Its programs translate the knowledge for use by students, the broader community and policy makers.

Learning is the basis of the Instituteʼs mission. It guides the spirit and practice that flow from its programs. It links the staff, visitors, local communities and the public.

The institute supports diverse educational methods. This includes research, environmental monitoring, teaching, discussion, and debate.

It hosts fellowships, exchange programs, students and master discussion groups and residencies.

It involves the local community and its traditional practices. This enriches the instituteʼs cultural exchange programs.

The Instituteʼs programmes are designed to suit all levels of formal education. It covers everything from primary school to postdoctoral fellowships, and informal education for everyone from the general public to managers and policy makers.

Learning Programs are centered around:

  • Ecology & Environment
  • Agriculture & Foods for the Future
  • Alternative Healing & Perfect Health
  • Earth Ethics & Community Connectivity
  • Culture – Dance & Music.

Reconnect with Nature at the Shillim Institute.

Discuss global issues that affect you, acquaint yourself with local practices, and participate in cultural exchange programmes.

Learn about the interesting activities at the Shillim Institute.

Join us for the next event.

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