Stay Wrapped In Nature

Throughout your stay at the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat, you will be one with nature.

Set amidst rice fields, bamboo plantations, and virgin forest, the villas at Shillim offer you sweeping views of the valley and the forest. The best part is that you can view all this in the tranquility of your own private space.

Each villa features contemporary decor and local design with amenities that use up-to-date technology. It is equipped with a dedicated wellness treatment area. Plus, a private deck or balcony.

Our villas allow nature to walk into your rooms. Sit at your private balcony and gaze at the stars. Or simply stare in wonder at the life that abounds around you.

Rejuvenate, transform, and draw inspiration from the Shillim Dharana Center. Your stay at Shillim will be energized in a place that simply bursts with it.

Recreational opportunities include:
> yoga, meditation, and dance
> music and pottery classes
> treks, picnics, excursions
> mountain-biking, horse-riding
> organic farming.

  • King Deluxe Valley View Villa

    Feel the comfort of a home, away from home.

    Celebrate your life in our King Delux Valley View Villa. Spread across 93 square meters with a private pool and outdoor area, give your stay a touch of luxury.

    Watch the riot of life from your private balcony. Watch its green shine. Watch the skin of the earth beaming with life. And in this moment of pure magic, contemplate how you are an integral part of all this.

    Make your private deck a place to get involved with the breathtaking views of the valley. Spend some relaxing time outdoors on the sunbed. Soak yourself in its warmth. Help your body release serotonin in abundance.

    Sink into the beautifully designed stone bathtub for a refreshing bath. Experience the outdoor and indoor shower with indulgent bath amenities.

    Savour your favourite coffee or tea as you lounge on a royal four-poster bed.

    Celebrate the gift of life at the Shillim Eco-Wellness Retreat.

  • King Forest View Villa

    Find rest and peace, here in the woods.

    Delight in the sense of well-being. Seclude yourself in an ultra-luxurious setting. Experience comfort in the contemporary King Forest View Villa.

    As you sip the warm tea, lounged in the private balcony, let your thoughts wander. There is beauty in the wild. There is beauty in disorderliness. We’re used to seeing everything through the lens of perfect order. Nature laughs at it. It brims and bustles with disorder. Yet out of this seeming anarchy, it breathes life.

    The villa features a sun bed to allow you to spend some relaxing time. Re-energize yourself in the outdoor and indoor shower fitted with refreshing bath amenities.

    Once you’re there and all settled, curl up with a novel in your king bed. Savour a cup of coffee from your very own coffee maker. Unwind with an in-villa spa treatment.

    Renew yourself with the complimentary yoga and meditation sessions. Check the activity calendar placed in the villa.

    Your rejuvenation awaits you at King Forest View Villa.

  • King Spa Pool Villa

    Experience comfort from the safety of your spacious villa.

    Built on 205 sq mts of green expanse in the wild, complete with a private deck overlooking the majestic mountains. From your private deck sit and contemplate the world. Admire the plants and the infinite stream of life it unfurls. Rejoice in the fact that you’re an integral part of this riot of life.

    Soak in the sunshine while lying on the sun bed. Or simply relax in your comfortable living room enjoying the action on a 47-inch HDTV.

    Refresh yourself in the outdoor or indoor shower with indulgent bath amenities or enjoy spa treatments in the privacy of your villa.

    Explore the outdoors on the complimentary bicycle. Immerse yourself in the complimentary yoga and meditation sessions. Rejuvenate.

    The villa is provided with climate control for comfort and in-room locker for safety.

    Experience the luxury of the tropical greenery.

  • King Spa Villa

    Feel royal in our King Spa Villa.

    Our King Spa Villa, with its 93 sq mts of elite space, will make you feel royal.

    View the breath-taking Western Ghats from your private outdoor area. Marvel at its untouched beauty. Step in and sink into the comforts of the living room. Lounge on the king size bed with a book. Or soak in the sunshine on the sun-bed.

    The built-in climate control will take care of villa's temperature. The in-room safe, automatic doors, and locks, will keep your valuables safe.

    Experience the personalized in-villa spa treatments to refresh you from within.

    Indulge in the outdoor and indoor shower with specific bath amenities. Immerse in tranquil yoga and meditation sessions. Check the activity calendar in the villa.

    Come and experience refreshing happiness with your stay at King Spa Villa.

  • King Valley View Villa

    Chirp, tweet, and chuckle. With the birds.

    The private outdoor seating area of the King Valley View Villa lets you witness the picturesque Western Ghats and the beautiful seasonal waterfalls.

    Sit in the balcony, coffee in hand and let your mind wander. Let the sunshine seep into your bones and being. Let the flourishing green around you soak you fully. Let the chatter and chirp of the birds wrap you. Energized, and at peace with yourself, contemplate your day ahead, and let it flow.

    The villa comes attached with an outdoor and indoor shower with indulgent bath amenities. Relax with a refreshing spa in the comfort of your own villa, or watch a movie on the 42-inch HDTV.

    Avail of the complimentary yoga and meditation sessions. Check the activity calendar placed in the villa. Ensure that your stay rejuvenates you.

  • Presidential Villa

    Imagine being greeted by bird-song and bird-warble.

    This Presidential Villa is located at the highest point in the Sanctuary.

    Here you can enjoy the stunning views of the Western Ghats. Staying at the Presidential Villa, you can enjoy a nice spa treatment from the comfort of your own room. The attached swimming pool and the private deck let you relax and unwind in the truest sense.

    And in the early morn, step outside, draw the chair, and coffee in hand, set upon to admire nature. Cock your ear to the cadence and rhythm of bird chatter up in the boughs above. The bird conversation is animated and while you wonder what it’s all about notice how sweet a rhythm it has.

    Your 3 bedroom villa also has a private kitchenette and an expresso machine that lets you indulge in your love for cooking. This villa has two king guest rooms, one twin room and an indoor and outdoor shower with refreshing bath amenities. Additional features include a 47-inch HDTV and climate control.

    Take advantage of the complimentary Yoga and Meditation Sessions. Check the activity calendar placed in the villa.  Ensure that your stay truly refreshes you. 

  • Twin Deluxe View Villa

    Become one with the mountain.

    Surrounded by lush greenery, the villa offers a view of the Western Ghats from the private outdoor space. This 99 sq m villa, is the perfect place to stay at if you are looking for a wellness getaway.

    As you behold the mountain flush with life, you begin to wonder: Is human endeavour and human life significant compared to what you see? It dawns on you that you are part of a larger whole. The thing that makes the mountain, that which makes the flower, the thing that makes the life of animals, is the same thing that makes you. And with that thought, you become one with the mountain and the life around.

    Enjoy a large, comfortable niche bed and behold the sweeping vistas while savoring your favorite tea or coffee. This villa comes with an indoor and outdoor shower with indulgent bath amenities, a king bed, a day bed, climate control, a safe and WiFi access.

    Get complimentary Yoga and Meditation sessions as per the activity calendar placed in the villa.

    Make your wellness getaway a truly healthy experience.

  • Twin Spa Villa

    Gaze in awe at nature and let your thoughts wander.

    If you are looking to find some peace and quiet after a relaxing wellness session, this villa is the perfect place to stay. Situated right within the Spa Zone, the Twin Spa Villa gives you the luxury of enjoying the scenic views of the Western Ghats from the comfort of your own room while sipping on your favourite tea. 

    As you gaze into the mountains yonder, you begin to wonder. How ageless these hills seem. How rich in life these are. How does this mountain range, older than the Himalayas, architect and control the climate of the plains below it? How has it been doing it, unceasingly, for centuries now?

    At your 93 sq m villa with a private outdoor area, there’s an outdoor and indoor shower, with indulgent bath amenities to help your relax and refresh. 

    The villa features a king bed, a day bed, climate control, and an In-room safe. This villa is near the Spa Zone, which is why, children under 13 years are not permitted in this zone. 

    Avail of the complimentary Yoga and Meditation sessions. Check the villa’s activity calendar.

    Make your stay a wholesome experience. 

  • This resort is awesome. Only for the approach road this is heaven. Once you are in, you have 'nano cars' taking you to your private Villa.

    Each private villa is private in true sense. The rooms are very large and you have a bath tub in the Verandah [if u really need it]. If you really want to shut off from outside the world, this is the perfect place. Nobody can disturb you. Entire surrounding and view from your resort is breathtaking. You can just let yourself relax in the serene environment. You are so close to nature that you would never feel like getting away. The freshness of air, the openness, the flora fauna just makes you the monsoons it is the place to be.