Ashtar Tashi

Essence of Shillim with Ashtar Tashi, your spiritual guide

Empower Yourself for 3-days and 2 nights

From November 3-5, 2017 only at the Hilton-Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

Connect With Your Inner Self. Let Ashtar guide you.

Ashtar Tashi spiritually connects with you. She gifts you the energy of love and the joy of spirit.

Her faith in humanity has rewarded her with unconditional love which you will receive in abundance in your sessions with her.

She can free your mind from the negativities that prevent you from leading a fulfilled life – troubled relationships, stress, career and business setbacks, depression, and illness.

Boost your self confidence with Ashtar.

You will receive one-of-its-kind, energy-filled, transformative sessions with Ashtar Tashi during the Essence of Shillim event.

You will also receive easy-to-follow advice that will make you more confident.

And while you are on this inward journey, you can stay blessed, eat wholesomely, and live immersed in nature, at the one and only Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Event.

Be part of an elite group of just 20 couples that will be uniquely blessed to attend this special event with Ashtar Tashi. From November 3-5, 2017, at the one and only Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa.

  • Partake of soulful, spiritual energy filled sessions with Ashtar Tashi. Grow personally.
  • Stay for 3 days, and 2 nights in the Spa Villa. Immerse yourself in 320-acres of expansive nature, deep in the Sahyadris. Wake up to birdsong. Hear the whispers of the wild. Experience peace.
  • Eat fresh, wholesome, organic food, home-grown at the Retreat.
  • Get fit with activities designed to lift your spirits.
  • Leave transformed, soaring, and bursting with vigour. A new YOU.
  • Day 1: 3 November 2017

    Arrive at the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

    • Breakfast and check-in to spa villas
    • Welcome Lunch at Green Table
    • Hi-Tea at the Tea House
    • Group Lifestyle consultation with Dr. Arun Pillai
    • Aqua Aerobics session
    • Wine tasting session at Reserve / Valley Bar
    • Healthy dinner
  • Day 2: 4 November 2017

    Yoga session with our in-house master

    • Vedic breakfast
    • Meditation session by Ashtar Tashi, or Spa Session, or Naturalist guided trail walk*
    • Lunch at Green Table
    • Chakra session by Ashtar Tashi, or Spa session, or Naturalist guided trail walk*
    • Art meditation session by Ashtar Tashi
    • Ayurveda Cooking lesson followed by Dinner
  • Day 3: 5 November 2017

    Vinayasa Yoga session with our in-house master

    • Vedic breakfast
    • Meditation session by Ashtar Tashi, or Spa session, or Naturalist guided trail walk*
    • Lunch at Green Table
    • Chakra session by Ashtar Tashi, or Spa session, or Naturalist guided trail walk*
    • Debrief with personalized plan for each guest
    • Check-out
  • Always wanted to be in the serenity of the valleys and had heard so much about the tranquility of this place that finally got a chance to experience the luxury. It is surely a must visit in the monsoons with the non-stop rains and lush green surroundings making it an obvious World heritage site.

     This resort spans more for the wellness enthusiasts but now is more friendlier to family couples with kids though kids are not allowed in some portions of this extra large 300 acre resort which transports people within the resort in their super cute Nano cars though it is very walking friendly up and down the hills but not recommended to walk after dark.   The road leading to the resort for a few kms before is quite broken but makes it for a good adventure ride if riding an SUV after Lonavala. You are in awe of nature as soon as one enters the resort and feel aloof from the bustling city life. Service is remarkably outstanding which is visible from the check-in itself. At every phase of your stay, you get to experience the above par quality of service especially in the rooms which take a fair amount of time due to the oversized resort land and the room service has to use cars to be transported. So one has to keep in mind to be extremely patient and plan their moving around in order to wait for the cars.   Every side of the resort is tucked with beautiful landscapes and valleys which comes alive more in the monsoons. The Tea Lounge and the Cafe by the pool are amazing serving some exotic teas and food whereas the traditional buffet restaurants offer a sumptuous buffet and ala carte menu and spread to choose from for breakfast and meals. Plenty of activities are planned for each day for adults and kids across the resort whose plan is shared a day prior to plan the activity schedule and varies in every season but keeps one busy if he is not wanting pure relaxation. The spa is absolute bliss and at par with international spa resorts but kids are not allowed in that section. We had a rocking time with river crossing activity in the monsoons and the activity host was extremely helpful throughout the journey.   Lastly, the villas in any category are extremely spacious with beautiful views from the extra large balconies. The open-air bathroom and bathtubs are my favorite and the overall feel of the villas is amazing. The infinity pool is also great but not too warm in certain weather conditions to swim. Overall it's a great experience to be at this resort and can't wait to get back again in the winters!