Blue Elephant cooking school was started in 2002, under the guidance of Ms. Khun Nooror Somany Steppe (founder and star chef of Blue Elephant Group). It has been more than 10 years since the first Blue Elephant was opened. At present, there are 12 branches located in major cities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. When not travelling as a Thai Culinary Ambassador, she is often seen supervising or teaching personally at the famous Bangkok Cooking School.

About the Event:

Walking into the event dazzled the senses. It was a world full of lush plants and trickling fountains. The Blue Elephant Cooking Event was fully equipped with facilities offering the participants a chance to be a pro at Thai Cuisine. Accompanied by an instructor, the participants learned to select and buy Thai ingredients for their own personal cooking. The menu was a rainbow of tradition and novelties. As such you will find dishes from the past known as “Forgotten Recipes”, preparations from the present known as “Blue Elephant Classics”, and innovations for the future known as “Our Chef’s Creations”. Ms. Khun Nooror Somany Steppe has brought back some of the memories from her long experience abroad to let you indulge in the wonderful creations.


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  • The property is great and very beautifully located far from the city and very quiet deep in the forest and mountains.

    The property is beautifully designed and gives you a very calm experience. I totally enjoyed the stay as I was clearly looking for a quieter place and something which is very relaxed and laid-back. You have all activities here from wines, cycling, forest walk, bird watching, archery to Yoga Nidra. I heartily recommended this hotel for complete relaxation.

    Vivek A