Travel and Leisure, February 2019

  • This is my 2nd visit. And I've decided I'll be a regular here. I want to be a familiar face here. One who practically lives here. I wanna be that person. I will be soon.

    In the cold month of January, the reception area felt warm, comforting. The novel idea of Tata Nano moving guests from places is genius. Words are not possible enough to describe the grandeur of this estate.  Food is the primary reason everyone is happy around here. They grow everything here. It's lip-smacking, whatever I say about food is less than it deserves. So let just set it to the best food I've ever had. Mr. Rajneesh was always there with all the answers. I couldn't get my favorite flavor of ice cream but he made up to it by giving me equally better ones back to back! All in this hubbub one would love to have a smiling face around.  Mr. Jitendra is a dear friend now. He coincidentally served us twice in two days, and I loved his courtesy, attitude and his friendly nature. I even met him out of the restaurant and it was the same zeal. This goes with the entire staff. Everyone is downright warm and welcoming, courteous, friendly and approachable. The location is amazing. That's a stereotypical line. But here it actually is. Nothing ever comes close to the cold fresh mountain winds right In your balcony, the view of Majestic Shillim from almost any place in the entire property, continuously chirping birds and the clear starry sky. Nothing beats this.  Had a Trek to the peak of Shillim, and the guide with us is over a lifelong friend. The Wellness center is like a whole another place here. You'd get lost in the serene waterscapes, absolutely brilliant therapies and the soothing music and fresh aroma. I would suggest to go walking to nearby places rather than asking for a car, breathe in the air. Especially around in the night. The warm yellow lights spread across the entire estate gives it a very cozy feeling in this spread stretch. All in all, Hilton Shillim is a place to get away and then stay away. No one would want to leave this. And none of these long reviews will get you the exact idea of how beautiful it is until you visit. So come by and make sure not to miss the chocolate ice cream.