Immerse in universal beauty.

Erin Gee:


Secure yourself from all distractions. Flourish in nature. You cannot invoke this with the flick of any switch or twist of any dial.

Meet invincible nature, the kindest healer of all time. Learn the art of expression through music.

Erin Gee, the composer, and vocalist will draw on the experimental sounds of Shillim, both for inspiration and as sources for the actual sonic structures of the piece. Working with the sound engineer/designer, Joel Gorder, Erin Gee will listen to the environment in new ways and produce onsite bio-acoustic recordings.

She will prepare a new work for voice and string quartet while in residence, as well as be studying the vocal techniques and music of local

  • This resort is awesome. Only for the approach road this is heaven. Once you are in, you have 'nano cars' taking you to your private Villa.

    Each private villa is private in true sense. The rooms are very large and you have a bath tub in the Verandah [if u really need it]. If you really want to shut off from outside the world, this is the perfect place. Nobody can disturb you. Entire surrounding and view from your resort is breathtaking. You can just let yourself relax in the serene environment. You are so close to nature that you would never feel like getting away. The freshness of air, the openness, the flora fauna just makes you the monsoons it is the place to be.