Dance may be viewed as a practice of identity - a discipline to form or regain a sense of self.

Physical practice and repetiton turn off the explaining - linguitic aspects of cognition and allow the body to be wholly present, to reach a state of 'pure' movement.

Dancers/ Choreographers Constantine Baecher and Kaitlyn Gilliland will explore physical and spiritual practices-ritual, meditation and repetitive movement-used to access body as a santuary.

They will investigate ways that energy and emotion take human form,the potential to create dance 'steps' from a place of energy/emotion rather than technique/autonomy, and how movement grows, hanges and erode through time and repetition.

These studies will respond to the landscape and ethic of Shillim.

  • Wellness is a theme throughout the resort. All food at The Green Table restaurant is organic and my lunch there was a delight, from the chilled beetroot and orange soup to the superb imported Black Angus fillet.

    All ingredients at this restaurant are sourced from local farms, and the resort is in the process of planting an organic vegetable garden. There are four more restaurants at Shillim Estate serving French, Mediterranean and Asian food, as well as customised food experiences, where guests can pick a scenic spot on the property to dine in private.

    After lunch I trekked up to the highest point on the property, a grassy plateau with grandstand views of Lake Pawna. From here, the resort’s isolation becomes wonderfully clear. The lake and its surrounding peaks are all you can see for miles around. Bike riding, trekking, fishing, picnicking and paragliding are the main guest activities on offer; there are also future plans for horse-riding at an equestrian centre.

    As the day drew to a close, I headed to the Valley Bar at the glass-walled Clubhouse, which has an outdoor deck for cigar enthusiasts. Sipping on a glass of Henschke Julius Eden Valley Riesling wine as the hills glowed orange in the setting sun was a suitable end to a spectacular day.

    In addition to the luxurious experience Shillim Estate has created, the retreat’s real achievement is giving guests the chance to dissolve into nature and truly escape from the world, while still being close to home